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ODs, Opticians and Employers: Find Your Match

Sign up at no cost to this new eye care-specific employment opportunities app

When Mark Miller ran Glasses Galore with up to five locations for decades in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area, his biggest challenge was finding optometrists to cover for vacations or time off. “I still had patients who needed to get their exams, and I was not searching for full-time replacement ODs,” he says. He had occasions where he needed someone for several weeks to cover for maternity leave, but most often, the opportunities were even shorter – covering a few days of sick leave or a vacation. He also experienced that need for what he calls “emergency fill-ins” for opticians.

The issue was acute enough that Miller decided to do something about it. So he developed an app – Eye Docs Now – that allows a direct connection between an optometrist or optician interested in picking up some part-time or temporary work and the practices that want to hire them. The app cuts out the middleman and allow direct contact between the candidate and the employer when they decide they match.

The app alerts people in the region. So if a New York City practice needs a fill-in optometrist, a push notification is sent to all ODs in the area who have created a profile. And optometrists and opticians can identify their availability – and update it if it changes. “If someone is available only on Tuesdays, that becomes part of the match factor.

“When there’s a match, the employer and OD can chat and negotiate hours or pay. It’s designed to be extremely responsive,” he says

Miller says that his goal for the next six month is to accumulate subscribers so that the app is relevant to users. He is offering signups at no cost to employers and candidates for the next six months to ensure that the database of candidates and opportunities is robust.

To enroll, optometrists and opticians can visit the eyedocsnow website and log in with a name, address and days and areas where they want to work. Similarly, eye care businesses can list the opening, the address for the job, the pay range and the days that you need someone.  Practices can also use the app to post a permanent job opportunity.

These profiles can be updated – and people in the region will be alerted if they’re a match. So whether it’s an employer who sees a short-term or long-term need in the near future – or an optometrist or optician who wants to work only specific days or pick up some extra hours, the app is designed to make these connections, he says.

The app is available through the App Store or on Google Play.

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