A New Career Phase Requires New Mastery

For the 12 years that Susan Dreyer, OD, was working for a Pearle franchise owner in St. Louis, Missouri, she was very happy. But when the owner sold the practice, she decided she didn’t have an interest in buying it.

This Is Not My Gig: Discovering Your Purpose

By Amanda Tompkins, OD—What was I going to be when I grew up? I had been in pursuit of a career in pharmacy because it was something I could do in my rural Kentucky town that was medically related.

Advice From an Ocularist

By Anna Boyd Jefferson—I inherited Carolina Eye Prosthetics, started in 1987, from my father when he was diagnosed with ALS in 2012.

Identifying Patients Who Need Vision Rehabilitation and Therapy

By Tamara Petrosyan, OD—If you see children and young adults in your practice, a significant percentage of them will have issues with accommodative, binocular and oculomotor function.

Three Sources for Finding Dry Eye Patients

By Cheryl Engels, OD, MBA—Of course you can identify dry eye patients from your own patient base, but what about the rest of those dry eye sufferers out there who have never heard of your office?

Purchasing an Established Practice

Monica Brown, OD, CO, recalls hearing early in 2013 through the grapevine at local and state meetings that her colleague, Brian Armitage, OD, was thinking about his retirement options.

Keep up With Today’s Mobile Patient Population

When Ellen Merkin, OD, heard of Solutionreach, she thought that the company’s offerings made sense for her patient population. “The younger generation is much more tuned in with email and text communication.

Comfort and Beauty Are Relevant Topics in MD Office

OCuSOFT came onto her radar during her residency, and Stephanie Frankel, OD, personally tested the product line for dry eye treatment shortly after joining the practice.

Color Contact Lens Options Can Make Patient Visits More Memorable

Kiranjit Bedi, OD, was so enthusiastic about the release of AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses two years ago that she started promoting them to her patients after she first heard the news at a local dinner hosted by Alcon.

Doctor’s Reputation for Natural Eye Care Draws in Patients

Susan Moss, OD, puts her holistic approach to eye care front and center at her practice in Bellaire, Texas. And she’s found plenty of patients who want that kind of therapy.