OD Schools Herself in Vision Therapy

Odees and the make-school-fun approach of Lake Worth Eye School are the brainchild of Trina Lieske, OD. The eye school is now a part of her practice that she initially opened in January 2006, Vision City of Lake Worth, in Lake Worth, Texas. Here’s how the expansion developed.

A Pediatric and Special-needs Niche Practice Helps Community and Patient Flow in Primary Office

Cathy Doty, OD, can pinpoint her determination to open a practice for pediatric and special-needs patients to a little boy she saw in October 2014. The family had a long wait to get onto her schedule—she’s one of the only InfantSEE® and Medicaid providers for pediatric patients in the area. But when she saw him, she recalls feeling heartbroken. At 18 months old, he was developmentally delayed and she could sense the family’s stress.

Help Kids Feel Comfortable

Arlene Espiritu, OD, says that getting children involved in their exam experience is an important part of easing their worries. “If there is any apprehension, I quickly get the chief complaint from the parent, and right away address the child,” Dr. Espiritu says. Map out a plan for the exam.

OD Helps Put Options Within Reach

Monica Allison, OD, of Stone Oak Vision Source® in San Antonio, Texas, has built a significant practice through orthokeratology. As the success stories mount, more families are interested in this option for their children, she says.

Career Transition Allows Doctors to Develop Primary Care-based Dry Eye Practice

Leslie O’Dell, OD, wanted to have a stronger voice. She had enjoyed working in a medical/surgical practice for the past 11 years, and the fit seemed ideal after a residency in ocular disease. But as the years went on, “I developed more of a desire to be a leader. I wanted to have a say in the technology and staffing,” she says.

Re-envisioning Her Dream

Amir Khoshnevis, OD, the Vision Source® administrator in North Carolina, and Michael Clark, OD, were having lunch one day in Charlotte when they walked past the display windows in the private practice that Michelle Mumford, OD, had opened in December 2011. Dr. Khoshnevis decided to go into the practice and ask Dr. Mumford to join him for dinner, so he could tell her about Vision Source®.

From Family OD to Mentor to Partner

A series of transitions are underway at Scituate Harbor Vision Source® in Scituate Harbor, Massachusetts. As one of the associate doctors leaves the practice and a new OD joins the team, Jessica Crooker, OD, is in the process of purchasing 50 percent of the business with the expectation to buy the remaining half in three years.

After 10 Years, an Office in the Corner of Pretesting Room Wasn’t Cutting It

In 2004, Lori Mazza, OD, purchased her practice in a Wellington, Florida, strip mall. As she grew her business, Dr. Mazza says that she always had the dream of owning her own office building.

Patients Want to Feel Connected

Jaclyn Munson, OD, joined the Weatherford Eyecare Center, a Vision Source practice in Weatherford, Oklahoma, two years ago. One of her first initiatives was to increase the amount of communication between the practice, its patients and the community.

Technology Brings Even Higher Levels of Efficiency

Even knowing that there will be an adjustment and learning curve with bringing in new technology, Lorie Lippiatt, OD, says that it's worth it.