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Eyewear Collection Symbolizes More Than an Accessory 

Legacy collection fills in the void of eyewear designs for mature women customers 

Kroll and Lighthouse Optometry is an independent, women-run business led by Christy L. Lighthouse, OD; Kara Kroll, OD; and lead dispensing optician Jessica Kirkland, in Reno, Nevada. The team understands the various preferences of their customers and community, as well as the limits female customers face in the eyewear market. 

(l-r) Dr. Lighthouse, Dr. Kroll, Jessica Kirkland


Jenny Lynn – Genuine

When Kirkland heard about the launch of Jenny Lynn Eyewear, she thought it would be a perfect opportunity to fill some gaps on the frameboard, especially those for more mature women.  

“It’s especially difficult for mature women to find a style that isn’t outdated and has the right sizing to fit their face shape and nose bridge,” says Kirkland. “I’ve worked in the industry for approximately 17 years, and I haven’t seen a lot of trendier and fun options for women in an older age group.” 

Jenny Lynn – Inspiring

The diverse styles, colors and detailing on  Jenny Lynn Eyewear contributed to Kirkland’s decision to bring the line in. We’ve been carrying it since The McGee Group released it, and it’s doing quite well with our customers,” she says.  

 Jenny Lynn Eyewear names each eyewear frame after a specific lifestyle characteristic, such as Ambitious and Influential, encouraging women to tap into the specific personality trait when they put their eyeglasses on. It’s not just an accessory but it enhances the wearer’s experience. The brand also personifies each frame by creating a design and choosing two color variations suitable to its characteristics 

“When women are in a more sophisticated role and age, they don’t want frames that are marketed toward 20-year-olds. They’re in an empowering position, and they want frames to represent their position and lifestyle,” she says. “The McGee Group did a great job with the designs. Our customers love it and receive a lot of compliments. The embellishments and colors are eye-grabbing but don’t go over the top.” 

Customers no longer have to compromise for comfort or design – they can have both.  “Many of our female customers struggle to find a frame that perfectly fits their facial structure, and petite women sometimes have to shop at the teen’s section or women with fuller faces need to shop in the men’s section. Jenny Lynn Eyewear ranges from a 48 to a 57, so they can fit women who have a smaller or larger facial width,” she says. 


Carrying Jenny Lynn Eyewear was a meaningful experience for Kroll and Lighthouse Optometry. Similar to other The McGee Group brands, Jenny Lynn Eyewear donates five percent of Net profits to the Jenny Lynn Foundation. The foundation has a foundation dedicated to helping women and young girls in turn supports non-profits in need that strive to help women impacted by circumstances beyond their control. The foundation’s first campaign will support the work of WellSpring Living, a non-profit in Atlanta that provides domestic sex trafficking survivors and those at-risk with specialized recovery services through community-based programs. Jenny Lynn personally volunteered with WellSpring Living, and we are proud to support an organization close to her heart.. It donates five percent of its net proceeds to charitable organizations around the world.  

“Not only do our staff love it, but our customers also love that they’re able to make a positive difference when making a purchase,” she says. 

The McGee Group Impact 

The practice also carries several brands from the company, such as Vera Bradley, Mr Turk, Trina Turk and Badgley Mischka. 

“The McGee Group is a great company to work with. The representatives provide support each step of the way, from frame board appearance and placement to providing introductory videos, and we rarely receive any defective frames. If we do, they give us a warranty to compensate for the damage.” 

Kirkland says, “Bringing on the frame line helped attract new customers. Everyone knows the name brands, but not everyone knows Jenny Lynn Eyewear so it stimulates conversation and makes our practice unique. We provide a wide range of optical selections, that others don’t have.” 


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