Home News Congratulations 2020 AOA Award Recipients

Congratulations 2020 AOA Award Recipients

The AOA announced the recipients of its 2020 awards in April. We’re recognizing all of their accomplishments, along with taking a closer look at some of their stories.

aoa 2020 winners
Dr. Lawson, Dr. Attar, Dr. Pate, Janet Millis and Dr. Jordan

The Optometrist of the Year Award: Kenneth Lawson, OD, of Florida

The Young Optometrist of the Year Award: Roya Attar, OD, MBA, FAAO, of Mississippi • Read our story with Dr. Attar

The Optometric Educator Award: Caroline Beesley Pate, OD, FAAO, of Alabama • Read our story with Dr. Pate

The Paraoptometric of the Year Award: Janet Millis, CPOT, of Illinois

The Distinguished Service Award: Roger Jordan, OD, of Wyoming

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