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Registration Opens for Flex Your Superpowers, the Women In Optometry® Leadership Summit

Successful women cannot completely separate their professional lives from their personal lives. Holistic leadership trainer and coach Amina AlTai, keynote speaker for the first annual Women In Optometry (WO) Leadership Summit, says that her coaching methodology for professional and personal success “combines my experience in brand building and marketing with training in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness to help emerging entrepreneurs build businesses the healthy way.”

                                                                Amina AlTai

AlTai will speak on the concepts of Living Your Best Life – Professionally and Personally at the WO Summit, Flex Your Superpowers, sponsored by lead sponsor Allergan, on Wed., June 19 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at University of Missouri – St. Louis College of Optometry. AlTai’s presentations will be interspersed with panel discussions by women ODs and followed by a lunchtime small-group discussions. WO managing editor Marjolijn Bijlefeld says that the day’s events are designed to provide women the chance to network and encourage each other. “In conversations with women ODs, a common theme emerges about the challenges of giving 100 percent to all facets of life. At WO events, women can share their strategies and challenges with each other. It’s sure to be an uplifting and inspirational day that leaves attendees flexing superpowers that they might not have even known they had.”

Registration for the event is now open. Registration is free, includes breakfast, lunch and bus travel to and from a central location for Optometry’s Meeting attendees. Return bus travel will deliver attendees back to the central location prior to the start of the AOA Block Party.

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