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Review of Myopia Management and BHVI Expand Their Partnership for Myopia Awareness Week 2024

Review of Myopia Management has been named the official co-sponsor of the Brien Holden Vision Institute’s 2024 Myopia Awareness Week. To be held May 13-19, 2024, the partnership will help to strengthen the reach of Myopia Awareness Week both in the United States and globally.

Dr. Akerman

“The global burden of myopia is growing at an alarming rate. To tackle this public health crisis, Myopia Awareness Week is being observed worldwide, May 13-19, 2024, to raise awareness about juvenile-onset myopia and encourage eye care professionals to take necessary actions. It is crucial to spread awareness about this issue and promote early diagnosis and treatment to curb the rising prevalence of myopia,” said Dwight Akerman, OD, MBA, Chief Medical Editor of Review of Myopia Management.

Myopia Awareness Week was created to promote myopia management as an essential eye health program, particularly for children. Myopia Awareness Week was first launched in 2018 in an effort to bring awareness to the myopia pandemic and the growing burden of myopia. BHVI launched the initiative to help eye care practitioners understand the latest science and research and communicate with patients and parents/caregivers.

“There remains much to do in raising myopia awareness and encouraging evidence-based myopia management. The profession is key to education and communication and making people aware of this progressive eye disease and the available management approaches,” said Yvette Waddell, CEO, Brien Holden Vision Institute.

Review of Myopia Management will work with BHVI to promote the event to eye care professionals and industry partners. The organizations plan to collaborate to encourage widespread participation across the eye care industry, bringing together leaders in the field to spread the message of myopia awareness.

Review of Myopia Management (RMM) is a leading global online publication designed to help eye care professionals prescribe evidence-based interventions to proactively address juvenile-onset myopia. Since its inception, RMM has remained committed to producing and sharing the most up-to-date information and educational tools. The online publication has grown to be the leading source of clinical, practice management, and research information on myopia management.

The Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) is a leading non-profit research and development organization and meets identified demands in the ophthalmic field.  BHVI invents commercially relevant technologies, with a specific focus on innovative lens designs.


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