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Woo University, International Keratoconus Academy and National Keratoconus Foundation Present: Keratoconus Symposium

Keratoconus is an eye disease that eye doctors will encounter often during their career. This disease can cause major vision issues such as blurred vision, double vision, ghosting, shadowing, and even blindness. It is important for eye care practitioners to become aware of the clinical signs and symptoms of keratoconus and the importance of early disease intervention. By expanding our knowledge of how to effectively diagnose and manage these patients, we have the opportunity to greatly improve their quality of vision and their quality of life.

Woo University, International Keratoconus Academy and National Keratoconus Foundation have created a unique virtual educational event spanning two days- August 6-7- titled Keratoconus Symposium. All three organizations committed to expanding awareness of keratoconus and its management. Together, they have developed an outstanding program featuring experts and thought leaders in the field of keratoconus. This event is COPE approved for up to eight hours of continuing education.

In addition, there will be promotional presentations and a virtual exhibit hall where participants can learn more about companies who have an interest in keratoconus.
One of the event co-sponsors is National Keratoconus Foundation, a 35-year-old patient advocacy program located at the University of California, Irvine.  NKCF Director, Mary Prudden, finds the increased focus on keratoconus like the upcoming Woo University symposium energizing. “In the past, when newly diagnosed patients contacted us, we had little to offer in terms of a hopeful future.  Now, doctors can offer crosslinking to halt progression, and several contact lens options for improved vision.  It’s an exciting time, and keeping up with these advances is essential for any ECP who manages patients with KC.”

According to S. Barry Eiden, CEO and co-founder of the International Keratoconus Academy of Eye Care Professionals, “Today we have safe and effective treatments that can halt progression of keratoconus. This makes the need for early detection and management that much more imperative. All eye care professionals should be aware of the most current evidence based information regarding the diagnosis and management of this disease”.

Registration will be free for all eye care professionals and students. To register and view the full agenda, visit www.woou.org.

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