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Advisory Board Conversations (ABCs): New Year Resolutions

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As we approach the end of 2023, some WO board members discussed their new year resolutions.

Dr. Courtney Gonzales, new WO board member
Dr. Gonzales
My new year’s resolution is to enjoy every moment to the fullest and do what I can to be healthier and happier this year as I recover from my breast cancer treatments.”

Courtney Gonzales, OD

A photo of Dr. bhanu kapoor
Dr. Kapoor
I set many written goals every year– personal, professional and parenting. However, in 2024, I would like to be more mindful in my approach to all things I am doing, whether in the office or at home, be and grateful for all blessings. I want to slow down a bit and be better at enjoying the present moment.”

Bhanu Kapoor, OD

Dr. Attar - 2023 WO board member
Dr. Attar
“In the coming year, I am committed to implementing effective time management strategies to ensure a healthier balance between my professional and personal life, fostering overall well-being. I’m excited to be part of this initiative and look forward to seeing the collective narrative unfold.”

-Roya Attar, OD, MBA, DHA

Dr. Gioia
“This year, I want to reconnect to the quote I wrote to myself on my office wall six years ago: ‘NO goals let the journey lead.’ While goals offer direction, it’s often the journey that shapes our true destination. In embracing each twist and turn, I will discover the essence of my path, finding fulfillment not just in the endpoints, but in the beautiful, unexpected moments along the way.”

Neda Gioia, OD, CNS, FOWNS, CFMP

Dr. Ibironke
“My resolution for 2024 is to be present! Present in every moment, especially in moments that matter the most– moments with family, friends and loved ones, and present in moments when am taking care of myself. I want to be present enough to laugh a little harder and remember the moments that give me joy.”

Josephine O. Ibironke, OD, MPH, FAAO


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