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The Rhonda S. Robinson, O.D. Contact Lens Residency Award: In Memory of My Mentor

Carrying on Dr. Robinson's legacy, ODs create residency award in her name

monica johnsonbaughBy Monica Johnsonbaugh, OD, of Grosse Pointe, Michigan

My world is forever changed after Rhonda’s loss. I am so thankful to have been inspired by her during optometry school and that our paths merged when I moved to Indianapolis. She helped open many doors for me and believed in me. She encouraged me to take the leap to open my own private practice in Michigan when many others told me it was too risky. She knew that I would succeed and her confidence in me quieted my fears. Even though we spent the past few years on opposite sides of the country from one another, she was always available for a chat, a text and definitely a good laugh. I cherished every chance that we could get together at industry meetings. I am so thankful to have had such a phenomenal mentor.

Rhonda not only made a massive impact on my life, she inspired and mentored countless other ODs. I am so excited to be a part of the Rhonda S. Robinson, O.D. Contact Lens Residency Award and help carry on her legacy. I encourage everyone that knew Rhonda to contribute to this award in her honor.

Dr. Johnsonbaugh and Dr. Robinson

The Rhonda S. Robinson, O.D. Contact Lens Residency Award

Rhonda Robinson, OD, made an impact in every aspect of the eye care industry and left a lasting impression on everyone that had the opportunity to know her, work with her or learn from her.

Contact lens vision correction was Rhonda’s passion. It was her belief that this “more natural” method of seeing enhanced the lives of her patients and shared that belief with optometry students and professional colleagues across the globe so they would feel the same.

Given the enormity of Rhonda’s contributions and her mission of promoting the contact lens specialty segment of eyecare, we want to honor her life’s work by providing an annual scholarship and/or American Academy of Optometry meeting travel grant to a contact lens resident from a North American School or College of  Optometry. With the help of the American Academy of Optometry Foundation and you, her legacy will continue.

Your donation to the Rhonda Robinson Contact Lens Residency Award fund will make it possible for her mission to live on. Please consider joining us in carrying on Rhonda’s legacy by visiting www.aaopt.org/home/aaof/donate and make your contribution today.

Sincerely, The Rhonda S. Robinson, O.D. Contact Lens Residency Award Board Members

Dr. Ben Chudner • Dr. David Geffen • Dr. Monica Johnsonbaugh • Dr. Mike Pier • Dr. Marjorie Rah

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