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Goal-setting: Looking Back and Ahead

A recent Women In Optometry and Review of Optometric Business Pop-up Poll asked readers if they were setting professional or personal goals for 2024. Whether driven to achieve an increase in practice profits or reach milestones in their family life, respondents said they were mostly successful in reaching at least some of their goals in 2023 and hope to do the same this year.


Fewer than half of respondents (44%) who said they made personal goals for themselves last year reached “some of them,” and another 19% said they “nailed” hitting their goals. Professional goal setters had the same success, with 81% saying they made progress with some or the majority of their goals.



For 2024, respondents seem to be looking forward to their personal and professional goals. Health-related goals (82%) and personal financial goals (63%) were the most chosen goals, with household, milestone and social goals following closely behind.


Respondents reported also looking forward to practice growth (73%), expanding their education (50%), leadership goals (42%), hitting practice partnership and renovation milestones (50%) and staff training goals (46%). One respondent said, “I cannot imagine running a practice without projections and goals. My favorite one is knowing revenue/day for each doctor so we can project revenue and set a budget for the office.” Another agreed, saying, “Great tool- if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” One female OD said her main goal for this year is enhancing her Spanish speaking.

Just more than half of respondents (54%) reported that they are female ODs and 29% said they are male ODs. Another 17% said they are non-OD females. Out of all respondents, 39% work as employees and 61% as owners or partners.


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