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Window Reflects Practice’s Heart

Dr. Heuer in white coat talks about her office window display
Dr. Heuer

When Lisa Heuer, OD, was told she needed to vacate her practice location within a year after the building sold, she had a chance to fulfill her “window fantasies” at her new location for Valley Vista Eye Care in Woodland, California, she says.

The logo, centered on the window, becomes a focal element of each window display.

For a long while, she had been admiring the Instagram posts from Wanderlust Eyecare in Northfield, Illinois, which featured a large front window with fun, showy displays, anchored by the practice logo. But Dr. Heuer’s practice had been located inside a remodeled house, so there were no big windows.

eye care practice front window with huge pink heart surrounding the logo
The Vista Valley Eye Care logo is front and center in this display window. All photos courtesy of Dr. Heuer.

Her new location, however, had the perfect window to replicate some of the ideas. The logo for Valley Vista Eye Care looks a little like an eye, as well as the valley landscape around her. Centered in the window, it becomes a focal point of her monthly window displays.


She reached out to Faye Gamboa, OD, at Wanderlust, telling her how much her window displays admired her. “She was incredibly gracious with giving me tips so I could piggyback on her ideas,” she says.

shamrocks with googly eyes
Craft supplies and some creativity are the starting point for a great window display.

Their secrets: creativity, hot glue guns and tissue paper play a big role.

Dr. Heuer says that it is a fun staff-wide event to pull together the next month’s windows. They look for inspiration from the calendar (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day), the season and the locality. For example, Yolo County, where she’s located, is known for its acres upon acres of sunflowers.  So for her sunflower display, she and her staff crafted one large sunflower, then they found smaller ones on Etsy and added googly eyes to them.

tissue paper sunflower in the window
The sunflower window reflects the local attraction of acres of sunflower fields.

“It’s a good Friday afternoon vibe. We can turn off our brains a little, turn up the music and focus on arts and crafts.”

Hot tip: For anyone else who wants to try large window displays like this, brighter colors have greater impact. The darker wreaths and displays tend to get lost in the view but the bright colors are a real attraction.


Read the WO story where Dr. Heuer talks about moving practice locations in a very short time period here.

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