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Don’t Let Contact Lens Patients Tell You They’re FINE

Doctor uses that as acronym for “feelings I’m not expressing”

Amber Gatti Dunn, OD, of Gatti Vision in King City, Oregon, dives into the science behind developments in contact lenses. That was the case when PRECISION1® lenses were introduced. “I looked at the SmartSurface® Technology, and that created a backbone of security for me. I felt like it was going to be a great lens for my patients,” she says.

She confirmed her suspicion when she tried them on herself. “I have ‘finicky eyes.’ They felt great to me,” she says, and feedback from family and staff members reinforced that even more. “Because I learned the technology and the science behind it, I was confident to jump right in,” she says, and it has since become her go-to lens for any patient with an appropriate prescription.


This lens provides her contact lens patients with comfort at a great price. “With the rebate that Alcon initially offered, patients were often able to purchase an annual supply of these lenses at a price comparable to, or even lower than what they were wearing. I could tell them that they were getting advanced technology for about the same cost. It was a perfect package,” she says.

She presents it as a first recommendation any new contact lens wearer because the lens delivers precise vision and dependable comfort, while being easy to handle. She also offers the option to her current contact lens wearers who are in just about any lenses. “I take the opportunity to present the latest options on the market. This is something that I preach to my students and I stand on as a principle: offer patients the best options on the market. I want them to tell me no rather than me suppressing information,” she says.

So she explains the UV-blocking technology†, and water surface technology that will help their eyes feel comfortable. Then she asks if they would be willing to try it. “Nearly every patient says yes, and if they don’t love it, I tell them I can update the contact lenses they’re in.”


It’s why she won’t stop when patients tell her their current lenses are fine. “I call that ‘feelings I’m not expressing.’” She is meticulous in her process of asking patients questions. Are you taking your lenses out because you want to or because you have to? How do your eyes feel at this time? How do your eyes feel at the end of the end of the day? Knowing these answers lets her explain how this lens might improve their experience.

Finally, she says that if they find this lens is not everything they wanted, she can put them in DAILIES TOTAL1®. “I call that the Tesla of contact lenses, and it’s an option if they want it. So I will say that in my opinion, the DAILIES TOTAL1 is my favorite one-day lens, but PRECISION1 is at the top of the mainstream contact lens category.”


Where TOTAL30® Lenses Fit In

Dr. Amber Dunn says that 78 percent of her contact lens wearers are wearing a daily disposable lens. Even so, she was intrigued by Alcon’s launch of TOTAL30® contact lenses. “I do encourage all of my patients to transition to a daily disposable lens, but some are set in the mindset that they want a monthly replacement lens. So now I have something different to offer them,” she says.

“These patients deserve to have the options presented to them. I can tell them enthusiastically that the science behind these lenses is incredible. When they try them on, they say that they feel like nothing.”


† UV absorbing contact lenses are NOT substitutes for protective UV absorbing eyewear, such as UV absorbing goggles or sunglasses because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. The patient should continue to use UV absorbing eyewear as directed.

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