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Accuracy and Innovation in Visual Field Testing for Virtual Reality Perimetry

Photos/images courtesy of RadiusXR

RadiusXR announces the publication of its NOVA Clinical Trial in Translational Vision Science and Technology (TVST), a journal by the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO). RadiusXr offers a portable vision diagnostic and patient engagement system combines medical-grade diagnostics, business management and patient education tools in a proprietary wearable XR headset. The NOVA Clinical Trial revealed statistical non-inferiority to current clinical standards for sensitivities at individual test locations, glaucoma staging using Medicare definitions and an exceptionally high correlation of 0.94 in mean deviation.1 These results underscore the accuracy and reliability of RadiusXR’s approach to visual field testing for head-mounted virtual reality perimetry.

RadiusXR measures vision within the photopic range, aligning with existing visual field platforms’ standards. This alignment enables consistent clinical training and facilitates comparison to patients’ prior examinations, as normative databases and mean deviation/pattern standard deviation (MD/PSD) plots are based on the photopic range, the company says. “The publication of the NOVA Clinical Trial in TVST reaffirms RadiusXR’s position as the leader in visual field testing innovation,” says Ammad Khan, RadiusXR’s CEO. “Our proprietary technology, combined with spatial computing, delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision, revolutionizing the diagnosis and management of ocular conditions.”

Thomas Samuelson, MD, a distinguished ophthalmologist at Minnesota Eye Consultants in Minneapolis, says, “This technology can potentially revolutionize how we diagnose and manage ocular conditions, ultimately improving patient outcomes and quality of life.”

In July 2023, Radius XR announced it entered into a collaboration and marketing agreement with Glaukos Corporation, a leading ophthalmic pharmaceutical and medical technology company, whereby Glaukos became the exclusive sales agent to market, promote, and solicit orders for RadiusXR in the U.S. Radius continues to lead development and commercialization efforts for RadiusXR.

1 Chris Bradley, Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, Thomas W. Samuelson, Michael Chaglasian, Howard Barnebey, Nathan Radcliffe, Jason Bacharach; Validation of a Wearable Virtual Reality Perimeter for Glaucoma Staging, The NOVA Trial: Novel Virtual Reality Field Assessment. Trans. Vis. Sci. Tech. 2024;13(3):10.

The complete details of the NOVA Clinical Trial are available here.

For more information about RadiusXR and its advanced technologies, please visit radiusxr.com.

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