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POP-UP POLL: It’s Allergy Season – RESULTS

Nearly 90 percent of the respondents to the latest Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll say that they’re seeing an increase in patients with symptoms of seasonal ocular allergies.

Most respondents to the poll (75 percent) said that they provide advice or a prescription to patients as part of the office visit. Nearly half, or 43 percent, said that they do code and bill ocular allergy visits as medical visits, and 21 percent said that they schedule these patients for a follow-up visit.

Adds up to more than 100 percent as respondents could choose all that apply.

Eye care practitioners responding to the poll said they most often provided a prescription for an Rx medication (74 percent), followed closely by an OTC medication recommendation (70 percent). About one-in-five recommended a homeopathic or natural option.

Adds up to more than 100 percent as respondents could choose all that apply.

Nearly 80 percent of the respondents said that they were women ODs.

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