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OD expands conversation about makeup, lid hygiene by recommending preferred products

When Alesha Jensen, OD, received an introduction to the ZORIA® cosmetic line within the skin care division of OCuSOFT, it provided an opportunity to take conversations she already has with her patients to the next level. “Lid hygiene is an important part of taking care of our patients, and for most women it requires a discussion on makeup products or removal,” Dr. Jensen says. That’s something she’s done regularly in the practice, but up until recently, she says that she never considered offering cosmetic skincare products in the office. “If it’s not us as eye experts talking about this, it’s the woman at the mall makeup counter. It seems like a better fit for us to give those recommendations and have those products.”

Dr. Jensen says that she often had patients at Fig Garden Optometry in Fresno, California, ask her questions about their eyes and
makeup sensitivities during her routine discussion. Now she has a specific solution that is getting great results so far. Since the practice
had been recommending lid hygiene products from OCuSOFT to patients for years, Dr. Jensen trusted in the recommendations
of the company’s long-time representative. Dr. Jensen started off trying the ZORIA® BOOST mascara and was pleased with the results. “I personally use the mascara, and I think that makes it an easier fit to bring it into the practice.”

For the past few months, the practice has been also carrying ZORIA® BOOST Lash Intensifying Serum and ZORIA® Makeup Remover in addition to the mascara. “The makeup remover is water-based and really gentle, cleaning off the makeup without leaving residue,” she says. “The ZORIA BOOST Lash Intensifying Serum conditions and stimulates the lashes without the side effects from other products.”

While this is still a new venture for the practice, everyone in the office is on board and excited about the possibilities, even the staff, Dr. Jensen says. “I’ve never seen my staff so excited about something new that we are carrying, and it reinforces the idea
that patients want this but they don’t necessarily ask about it or know that we have access,” she says. Most of the staff is using at least one if not more of the ZORIA products now.

Dr. Jensen is confident recommending these products because they are backed by research from a company she trusts. “OCuSOFT has always had good products available, and we get great customer service from our rep,” she says, adding that she appreciates that the OCuSOFT representative keeps the practice stocked with sample products in addition to those for sale. “Letting patients try the product with a sample prior to investing in the purchase has been helpful,” Dr. Jensen says. “We want to take care of our patients, and the best way is to provide and offer products that help with their needs.”

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