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Scrubs or Slacks: Respondents Divided on Preferred Workwear

About 45% of respondents to a recent Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll said scrubs are their preferred workwear. About one-fifth of those said scrubs was the preferred clothing even before COVID, but 80% of the scrubs-wearers said they made the switch during COVID-19 and are not going back.

Another 45% of respondents said that they’re back in their business or business/casual professional clothes. These respondents are split between those who wear a white coat and those who don’t.

pie chart shows 45% of eye doctors are still wearing scrubs and about 45% are wearing business/professional clothes - half with the white coat and half without
WO Pop-up Poll May/June 2022

Those who have made that switch seem happy to have done so. One OD responded, “I enjoy fashion and dressing up, so I’m glad that I am able to again.” Another said, “Time to get back to professional workwear and to ditch the scrubs!”


COVID-19 routines have created some lasting changes for some respondents, however. Thirty-five percent said that they’ve simplified their footwear, having made a permanent move to Crocs, sneakers or flats, for example.

Thirty percent said that they’ve scaled back on their makeup routines, and 15% said that they keep their hairstyles simpler now.

Ninety percent of the respondents to this poll reported they were female.

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Featured photo credit: globalmoments, Getty Images


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