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Mastering the Art of the Ask: Your Blueprint for Optometric Success

By Dia Bondi In the world of optometry, where ambitions are as diverse as the patients you serve, your success hinges on your ability to...

Did You Crush Your 2022 Goals?

Loading…       Featured photo credit: Constantine Johnny | Dreamstime.com

Pop-up Poll: Resolutions?

With 2022 only a few days away, Women In Optometry created a poll to record resolutions from personal to career. Loading…

Pop-up Poll: What’s Fueling Your Growth in 2022?

Where do you see your biggest opportunities for the year ahead? Loading…

No Mentor, No Problem! How to Become Self-Made in Eye Care.

By Maria Sampalis, OD, Corporate Optometry Careers You don’t need to have a family member that was or is in the eye care industry or...
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