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Relaxing Eye Misalignment: A Podcast With Dr. Ray Corbin-Simon

The first time that Ray Corbin-Simon, OD, of Piscataway, New Jersey, heard that contoured prism lenses might correct eye misalignment and help her headaches,...

Keeping Pediatric Patients Healthy and Happy

For the first 21 years of her life, Amrit Bilkhu, OD, FAAO, assumed that having headaches and double vision was a normal part of...

Are Your Patients Suffering From Digital Vision Syndrome?

Two-thirds of adults experience the painful symptoms of neck and shoulder stiffness and headaches that result from accommodation and vergence dysfunction. With people spending...

Maximum Impact: Solving Patients’ Problems Makes Practice Special

When Jaclyn Munson, OD, FAAO, limited patient encounters to medical eye care needs during this past spring, she was able to do more for...

Headache Relief Is Evident With First Trial Demonstration

Ray Corbin-Simon, OD, says that she had been dealing with a lingering headache that never quite went away for years.
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