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Meet the Student Advisory Board: Gracie Dorschner, AZCOPT

Gracie Dorschner admits she had a rough start to optometry school. She tore a ligament in her knee just a month before her nearly...

How to Let an Employee Go Without Endangering Your Practice

By Bj Avery, Vice President of Practice Compliance Solutions In our compliance company, which specializes in human resource management, employee termination is a weekly issue...

Mastering the Art of the Ask: Your Blueprint for Optometric Success

By Dia Bondi In the world of optometry, where ambitions are as diverse as the patients you serve, your success hinges on your ability to...

The Debt Load 2023

Did you graduate with student loans, or plan to? Are you still paying those off today? Loading…   Click here to view more WO polls and results.

Grow Your Very Own Practice

Independent optometry comes in all shapes and sizes. But ODs' motivations are similar: Provide best-in-class eye care for patients Generate a comfortable personal income ...

Pay It Forward: Advice for Renovations

Morgan Welburn, OD, and her practice partner Alexandra Rowley, OD, of Renfrew, Ontario, recently completed an office expansion and renovation in the summer of...
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