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WO Advisory Board Feels Momentum for the Years Ahead

The Women In Optometry advisory board is made up of 12 female optometrists and leaders of the industry. Board members bring their unique perspectives...

Practice Ownership Timeline Accelerated

Randa Djabri, OD, says that while practice ownership was always a goal, she imagined herself there closer to 20 years after graduation. Yet just...

New Graduate Finds a Comfort Zone at MyEyeDr.

When Kelsea Brown, OD graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University two years ago, the world was amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Right...

Fulfilling a Need for Vision Therapy in Hometown

Liza Stremick, OD, spent her first month after opening Eyes on Burdick spreading the word about the vision therapy (VT) services she was now...

One Year Later: Entering the Profession of Optometry During COVID

By Irina Yakubin, OD—Just over a year ago, I was pouring my frustrations, fears and questions into an article about the emotional chaos of graduating optometry school during the COVID pandemic.
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