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A Deep Dive into Dry Eye Part 4: The Staff’s Role...

When integrating a dry eye system in the office, there are ways for every staff member to be involved—from check in at the front...

Majority of Respondents Said that COVID-19 Did Not Bring Lasting Interruptions...

In a recent Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll, the majority of the respondents said their workweek schedule has not undergone significant change during the...

Using Downtime to Make a Practice Better

The COVID-19 pandemic created an opportunity for progressive practices to implement new technology and create stronger, more transparent relationships with their staff. Optometrists from CooperVisions’s...

The Empowered OD: A Podcast Series Sponsored by Allergan

Find all of the podcasts in The Empowered OD series sponsored by Allergan.

The Empowered OD: Dr. Neena James – Leading an Empowered Staff

In this episode of The Empowered OD series, sponsored by Allergan, Neena James, OD, of Huntsville, Alabama, explains how cultivating an empowered staff allows doctors to do more.

Micro School Concept Relieves the Stress for One OD’s Employees

Lena Walker, OD, was coming to the New Normal from two perspectives: a parent and a practice owner.

The Business of Inspiration

While growing up in Richmond, Virginia, Mesheca Bunyon, OD, visited a pediatric optometrist who was unlike any other.
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