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Eyes Wide Open: Navigating Optometry and Management Across Borders

By Ukti Vora, MBA, MOptom, FASCO (CO), FAAO, ABO-NCLE Certified, Host of the Nerdy Optometrist Podcast In the dynamic realm of optometry, change is an inevitable...

Remodel Results in Banner Year for Practice

Sometimes, ODs can work through a remodel – but sometimes they cannot. When Dori Carlson, OD, FAAO, and her husband Mark Helgeson, OD, FAAO,...

Optometrist Expands Her Expertise and Is Home in Time for Dinner

Margaret Harrington, OD, has always been a busy bee, but at some point, the constant high-pressure pace was enough. She had owned a private...

Women In Optometry’s Recent COVID-19 Coverage

Here's a recap of our coverage of COVID-19 and its impact on the optometry profession.
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