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Are You Confident in Carrying Your Student Loans?

This WO/ROB poll asks, are you carrying student loan debt? Do you feel confident you can pay it off? Loading…   Have a poll idea? Curious about...

The Debt Load 2023

Did you graduate with student loans, or plan to? Are you still paying those off today? Loading…   Click here to view more WO polls and results.

Do First-generation ODs Tend to Gravitate Toward Corporate Settings?

By Maria Sampalis, OD, Warwick, Rhode Island, and Founder, corporateoptometry.com First-generation professionals are people who are the first of their families to enter a professional...

Needs = Taxes, Debt and Electricity

By Natalie Hayes Schmook, MBA, CFP, CVA Needs should consume no more than 50 percent of your pre-tax profits, which in this case is $150,000...

The Student Loan Conundrum: To Refinance or Not to Refinance

By Natalie Hayes Schmook, MBA, CFP, CVA An interesting dilemma for younger ODS these days is whether to refinance their federal student loans into private...
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