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Caicos Vision Eyewear By Dr. Trenisha Smith

Trenisha Smith, OD, says that she's always wanted to have her own eyewear brand that truly resonated with her hometown. "As a student, I...

Optometry Gifts By Dr. Thuy Xuan Dang

Thuy Xuan Dang, OD, started her professional career as a high school teacher. "During my first year teaching, I had this student who was...

Inclusive Eyewear Brand Brings Style and Awareness to Non-Traditional Fits

Kathy Tran remembers being told by a store clerk while shopping for sunglasses, “They don’t really make glasses for ‘your type of face.’” Even...

Wrapping It Up

A recent WO Poll asked readers about how their holiday shopping is going, and most respondents (80 percent) noted they are almost done with...

Pop-Up Poll: Are the Holidays Harried or Hopeful?

Loading…   Featured photo credit: Moment RF, Getty Images

Ceramic Mugs and Bowls By Dr. Christie Cerwinka 

NOTE: New mugs are now live in the shop! Christie Cerwinka, OD, of Lilburn, Georgia, has pursued pottery as a creative outlet for the past...
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