A Future in Optometry

In 2008, Laura Martinez, OD, was on track to become a nurse when she was introduced to the Focus on Your Future summer program at the Illinois College of Optometry (ICO).

Filling in the Missing Piece

Chicago is full of high-end optical boutiques and corporate optometry offices, but Stephanie Lyons, OD, saw something it was missing. “I wanted to bring family eye care to the city,” she says.

A More Open-Door Curriculum

When Pia Hoenig, OD, MA, DBO(T), FAAO, chief of the Binocular Vision Clinic at University of California, Berkeley, was approached by a group of second-year optometry students who wanted to gain additional clinic experience, she thought it was a great idea.

There’s a Pokémon in the Optical

A Dodrio, a three-headed ostrichy kind of beast, has been spotted at Visionary Eye Care in Sugar Land, Texas.

Inspired by New Space

It’s been three years since Deeba Chaudri, OD, relocated her practice in the newly opened flagship LensCrafters store in New York City, yet the new office design continues to make an impact on herself, her team and her patients.

dr miller mural featured

New Mural Honors Community and Practice History

Pamela J. Miller, OD, FAAO, JD, FNAP, opened her practice 40 years ago in a two-story Victorian house in Highland, California. While the practice name incorporates her name, she named the house the Warburton House to honor her parents:

Define Success on Your Own Terms

By Shefali Miglani, OD—Once in a while, I’ll read or hear about a super-practice, the kind that nets incredibly high numbers, is run by a dynamo or has a marketing plan that could have been devised on Madison Avenue. For a moment, I’m envious and a little intimidated because that appears as a definition of success.

New Practice Offers a Fresh Start

Once Lynne Roy, OD, and her husband, Phillip Roy, OD, made the decision to open their own practice, the process moved fairly quickly, she says.

Precision Follow-Ups

This story was originally published in our November 2009 issue. Crystal Brimer, OD, of Wilmington, North Carolina, is a perfectionist—especially when it comes to following up with patients who have been referred for specialty care.

Smart Money

The CareCredit Smart Money publication explores how patient financing can help grow an optometric practice. Click here and you can download the 20-page publication filled with colleague’s tips and staff strategies on successful implementation and use.